Inter - State Water disputes and Interlinking of Rivers in India

By Shreya Tripathi, N.L.U., Jodhpur

This is article dealing with the two most controversial issues prevailing in the country, i.e., interlinking of rivers in the light of inter-state water disputes.

The article has been divied into five chapters in which the whole issue has been discussed. They are as follows:

    1. Water laws and federal water institutions

"Subject – matter of laws made by Parliament and by Legislatures of States"

  • " Article 262: Disputes relating to Water"
  • River Boards Act of 1956
  • Inter-State Water Disputes Act of 2002
  • Standing Committee on Inter-State Issues in Water Resources
  • The Sarkaria Commission on Centre- State Relations
  • National Water Policy, 2002

  1. India’s experience

  1. Conflicts and their resolution

  1. Interlinking of rivers

  1. Conclusion