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Title Do we have right quality of political leadership in the legislative and administrative bodies in charge of government of the country and states?
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Article by Lakshma Reddy S
Category Advocates

Do we have right quality of  political leadership and political institutions and Do we need any  change in them to meet the new global economic and political reality ?

Globalization of capitalism has its effects on countries as a continuous process.World has found that the socialism in the form it was experimented in soviet or chineese economy is not economically or politically feasible challenge or substitute to capitalism and is found to be contrary to natural evolution of human social development.Recent events in western capitalistic countries once again are proving that the civil and political rights and freedoms will not grow hand in hand with economic rights and freedoms unless under right leadership and the political conflict or contradictions erupt like volcuno to discharge the heat or absorb the cold in the political economy for realignment of new new political and social equilibriums with in countries and among countries in the global context

The traditional 19th century individualistic free entreprising capitalism is now tranformed to dominant global corporate capitalism making the capitalist as a mere appendage to the recipient of prorata dividends or profits of entreprise on risk basis as one of the share holder and not as the owner of entreprise and corporate entreprise which is  recognised as a distinct entity from shareholder capitalist. with it has arisen new challenges of political control over the new managerial cadre's decision making  over these global corporate entities both public and private. Political control involve the sovereign bodies like legislative, executive and judicial powers entrusted to representative institutions and individuals holding and exercising such power delegated to them by sovereign people.

it is now proved that criminal nexus develops between politicians and administrators as a natural selfish person as distinct from the public personality in public office with corporate lobbies and mafias spreading their network across cross-borders to escape or delay domestic legal liabilities. Nations have worked on private international law and public international law through evolving new protocols, international conventions and charters etc but the institutions have come to be totally inadequate to the gravity of challenges of required political control to the challenges  posed by the acts of new corporate bodies and private entities as is found in the recent global financial crisis with practical immunity from any criminal liability to the perpetrators of economic malfeasants in governments and corporates. The crisis postponed through tax payers bailouts is re emerging in the form of national sovereign debt crisis situations, with resultant  new Wall street occupy and similiar  protests across many developed countries demanding accountability of governments, politicians and corporates. This is the new global challenge to political institutional outlook and demands for changes in all countries and among countries thrown open with new globalization of economies and markets.

Is indian leadership is in right quality with  necessary vision ready for these challenges to take the country in  right pace with changing global ecconomic and political scenario? is the quality of leadership in charge of national and state level sovereign representative institutions and its delegated powers under the constitution  in fit and proper mode to respond and what changes to be effected ? Is the existing form of government fits with new global reality to reflect the general will of its people and to execute the general will and if not what changes to be proposed? These two questions are to be ever present with any representative assembly and its delegates as is advised by the Jean joquise Roussoe in his celebrated work "on social contract " book and more relevant now.The two questions he propsed are as follows:

"These assemblies,whose only purpose is the the social treaty,should always be opened with the two propositions which can never be suppresed,and which come up for the vote seperately.

The first:Does it please the sovereign to preserve the present form of government?

The second:Does it please the people to leave the administrationin the hans of those who are presently in charge of it?"

(jean-Jaques Rousseau)(Page 148,rousseau'preservation of s political writtings,Nortan critical edition)New York.

Do we need to pose such questions in india in parliement and state legislative assemblies as well in political parties and public to debate? recent events like taking fast decisions on "wrong" matters like the alleged currupt decisions and "paralysis in decision making" in urgent  "right" matters like  prevention of curruption in public life, recovery of currupted public money stashed in tax heaven foreign banks, and non cooperation in matters like  tranperancy and accountability of the "public persons" in legislative and executive bodies in public interest matters to judicial supervision and control or proposed lokpal, to autonomy to investigation and prosecution agencies CBI, CVC etc, paralysis on burning Telengana issue, on establishing domestic free market prices  and on controlling inflation and paralysis in taking political decisions on proactive structural reform steps for realisation of economic growth potential, all to to the consternation of an ordinanry prudent man on main streets as well as informed perons in wall streets, propmting public to rally round ANNA movement. 

Does this paralysis afflicting both at legislative front and executive front to the representative delegates of sovereign people under our constitutional republic points to  the urgency of the matter to assess the short comings in leadeship structures at helm  that exist now?. How to replenish and re equip  the visionary  right leadership with necessary clearance from road blocks with adequate checks and balance systems from personal abuse as well as the quality of leadership of legislative and executive bodies?(simultaneously strenghtening judicial administration also) or else we may be pushed back from global competetion from realising our growth potential and even pushed back to dark emergency days from neibhouring anarchic threats. Changes in the forms of government at centre and states for the present may be postponed to ripe time.

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