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Title The national parties have to act for restoration of their leadership trust deficit.
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Article by Lakshma Reddy S
Category Advocates

The national parties have to act for restoration of their leadership trust deficit.

Is there a better,honest able politician in today's national public life? is the question posed by ordinary voter.They also ask the question "which political party is led by visionary and honest leadership"?; because in democracy as it evolved now ,the public power is weilded on party lines and eventually tranformed in to sovereign public power and in to law in lawmaking bodies. It leads to ask the question who holds the key power in the political party? and the extent of its hold in public and the governmental matters; Be it national party or regional party or some parochial party.but majority of voter population are suspicious against all the existing heads of political parties(perhaps with few exceptions) and think that they arenot trust worthy,are root cause of curruption for many reasons and the legal system is devoid of legal remedies against them.

Hither to, the political deftness as well as the personal charisma of sonia gandhi as the president of congress party and head of hereditory gandhi family which sacrified its family members and properties for the cause of country and the personal cleanliness of priminister Dr Mmanmohan singh as ditingueshed economist and as an harbinger of economic reforms since his induction in to ministry by the then priminister PV Narsimha rao have given the leadership to the indian elctorate inspite of fractured mandate both in UPA1and UPA 2 and sustained the confidence of electors but recent allegations of corruption and scandals and refusing or not taking prompt action against such persons and shielding the persons to cling to power hampering the investigation and prosecution agncies to act independantly and more than that the overreaching overnight riches being acquired by their members in governmental powers with proxy crony capitalist lobbies coupled with downtrend of "growth rate" have dimmed their image. what effect?

Prevention of corruption in public life is as important a constitutional duty of the executive government through its agency the PM, the majority leader on the floor of the house, as well as all other organs of state as the duty of them to achieve maximum feasible economic growth  in GDP terms.Control of corruption in public life of politicians and buracracy is as important as are the economic reforms  for conducive investmentment climate and  economic growth. both are necessary and sufficient  conditions to be fulfilled. To that end,the expectations of the electorate is demanding the honesty in public life,power and will  to  promote domestic free competitive business relationships,to break the corrupt-crony capitalist tendencies, transperancy in public business,in visionary leadership to tackle the economic, socio-political and religious issues with deft and even handed ness. The recent allegations of currupt decisions and scandals against all important leaders of congress party at central, state levels, and policy paralysis(for what ever reasons) on important economic and political reforms,slowing down of growth rate coupled with unabated inflation inspite tall claims to control it ,on Telengana issue,on enacting strong lokpal as an anti-corrution "judicial body" etc are making the people think the "should we still believe the ability and integrity of the "dual leadership" and continue to support the congress?

No less is the national opposition party BJP with similiar ailments as is afflicting the congress.The corrution allegation against its important national and state level leadeship, its dodging tactics to bring strong lokpal as an anti-curruption judicial body and its opposition to liberalising controls on FDI more particularly the multi brand retail  market in support of one section of total population i.e traders like comminist parties opposing in support of some sections trade union employees, is as good as opposing the needed reforms,including opposing the anti corruption measures like freeing the investigation and prosecution agncies from the control of executive,as well the urgently needed proactive political -economic reforms to remove the bottlenecks to economic growth.

Where do the people stand? Why  and what prompted the people all over india to spontanously rally around Gandhi- symbolic ANNA? why these politicians have used the parlimentatary forum to bark one against other, all, as if in consesus,  to prevent the enactment of  any powerful anti-corruption body against these politicians who are amssing wealth overnight by their abuse of proximity to carridor of power as politician-business men or through their proxy crony capitalists?.The people who supported and demanded setting up of anti corruption body had to face the criminal cases for rallying behing ANNA or his supporters. Now should they resign and say "no body can correct this country with so many dishonest and selfish leaders with no public morals and ready to put even the  the country for sale? who should held responsible for this sorry state of "one side" of negative  national public opinion?. are the people ready to accept these political parties as they are now being led by the present leadership ? This is a trust deficit. Have the electorate  any choice in our electoral system?

All of sudden PM announces the  economic reforms like FDI in retail and diesel price hikes without consullting the opposition and state governments and which ,in our constitutional federal setup is being  termed as proceedural impropriety, though in itself is desirable step. what motivated this sudden activation in deviance to proceedural compliance? Did it not  give a wrong impression that it is a colourable exercise of power? In public business,proceedure is as important as the substantive decision. Ceasor suffered due to personal arrogance and procedural impropriaty while his successors and romans have benefited by his ideas and actions.does it have relevance now? who will politically loose and who will gain?

Still the congress and its leadership sonia gandhi and manmohan singh or the opposition BJP have the duty and time  to "damage control" and steer clear of the doubts created in the minds of ordinary public by their recent acts and ommissions in parliement and outside or else countrymen may stand up  against the present  leadership to sustain the "competitive" growth rate in the globally competitive world markets and politics

They both Congress and BJP as the national parties have to introspect to overcome from the cluches of  corrupt politician cum businessman type crony capitalist support leadership and need to take firm and immediate action on

1. Setting up anti-corruption lok pal judicial body against public persons with independant invetigating bodies such as CBI, CVC etc to act in tandem with such body with a statutoty status to uphod the rule of law with even handedness.

2 while opening the indian markets,simultanously to take immediate steps to strenghen national investigation agency(NIA) and CBI etc to pin point the security lapses against foreign interferences with the indian law and its remedies.

3.introduce economic reforms along with necessry legal and other infrastructural reforms to remove all irritants to economic growth and provide citizen friendly advise and help desks in every office to minimise the time to statutory compliances for startups and foreign- investor

4. provide speedy adjudicatiory judicial adjudicators/ tribunals against any redressable complaints as a part of economic reform scheme, not under the control of executive but under the control of constitutional high courts and supreme court, to infuse feeling of impartiality, tranperancy, accountability, and the confidence in the citizens and investors.

The steps in the said direction will help remove the mistrust of public against the bonafides of present national leasership both in government as well as opposition and create confidence about their honesty and integrity in public life to win the hearts of people and national elections for the good of the country.

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