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Title globalisation of economics and politics:PM Modi:what to do?
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Article by Lakshma Reddy S
Category Advocates

globalisation of economics and politics: PM Modi: what to do?

the economic laws,unlike human laws, operate mosly like in natural sciences. human laws,including political behaviour of an individual and in groups operate, if not anarchic , on two different planes one private interest and the other public interest when living social groups whether smaller or bigger. Economic globalisation must have its concommitant in political globalisation and its disconnect produce evil consequances.It is here the role of visionary statemen leadership in making globally appropriate and locally advantagious political decision making without conflicting global economic laws. some times they emerge out of advance public warning and acceptance of ideas in that direction or out of pramatic necessity to volutantary election to some one near to them.in case lack of such leadership, there will be diconnect with the people in right direction and the political parties or groups will be punished for lack of such ideallism and pragmatism.

Things now appear to be in the some such predicament.Here in india,national political parties had become disconnected from understanding the law of economic globalisation and so its evil effects of misgovernance and indecisive political decision making, some times also called as policy paralysis.. BJP is voted not because of its traditional idelogy but because the public thought that Mody represents antomym to misgovernance and policy paralysis, ideas similiar to globally competitive indian economic development to the full utilisation of economic growth potential, generating considerable employment oppurtunities, with political, social,legal ,administrative reforms in the direction of free competitive market economy, towards burocratic freedom and accountability in public decision making and  strenthening statutorily independant investigative and prosecuting agencies through lokpals at federal and state and panchayat levels, effective enforcement constitutional rule of law treating every body equal before law and transgressors deterrently punished how ever high his position is which is nothing but a meaning of secularism .

Take Europe.there also gowing the disconect of economics with politics and with it the growing disconnect of public with existing nationa political parties.It may be manifested at national level or with EU policies or Brussels EURO political type organisation.

Take US,canada and in any such western democracies, the political parties are becoming disconnect from public in failing to estimate the globalisation effects and due to ineffective and adhoc anti globalisation "political decisions" on immigration issues,on removal of unnnecessary protectionist controls over the free movements of capital and labour and landed property rights across global political borders,the cause of global financial crisis and its persisting evil effects on these countries.

many of latin american countries and african countries due to their small size of economies or have not have not been so effectively integrated with gloalisation processes including political globalisation,so the political issues are locally dominated.

The most advanced economies in Asia notably the china and so also Russia in emerging countries,apart from developed japan needs to be noted.their economies have now become global spread in market capturing or controlling  and the aftermath the financial crisis periods, their national ambitions have become global in approach as a natural cocommitant to protect their own national interests in the globalisation process and political parties in those countries have not felt obvious same disconects being felt in developed west.it is becauae the political ideas and economic ideas running near parrellel though not similiarly as in the context of the standard democratic normed counties.

therefore in India, there was a disconnect( please see for the disconnect in my blog articles "national parties leadership trust deficit' against national political parties" and "gender issue" in the nirbaya context foreboding emrgence of any " individual trusted leader" espousing the cause of new generation ideas on www.goforthelaw.com.)

There fore, a vote for Narenda mody is not a vote for BJP idology simplicitor and indian people looked at Mody as representing a new average indian expectation over and above the existing sterio typed old leadership and political parties.He ought not misuse the such greatly trusted sovereign power entrusted to him by landslide electoral vicories all over india.He should rise above party politics and work for new india with global foreion policy of "vasudiaka kutumbaham" i.e spreading the meassge of strong democratically reformed federal sovereign UN in international issues, in dometic policies should be aimed at free competitive political economy with india as one economic unit with more effective machinery than the existing to implementation of citizens constitutional rights under articlle 14 and 19 and 21 of the constition of india.For more ideas on the subject one can see "debate for a national consensus"on www.aplegalservices.com.


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