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Professional Ethics, Accountancy for Lawyers and Bar Bench Relations - May/June 2010 Backlog (New) 3YDC

Question Type Question  
Short Elements of advocacy
Short Legal Aid
Short Senior Advocates
Short Civil contempt
Short Disqualifications for Enrollment
Short Punishments for misconduct
Short State Bar Councils
Short Branches of Accounting.
Long "Legal profession is a noble profession and not a trade or business". Comment.
Long Explain the duties of an advocate to his client.
Long Explain the powers and functions of Bar Council of India.
Long Explain the various branches of accounting relevant to the advocates.
Problem Mr. "X", an Advocate was suspended from his practice by State Bar Council of "PP", for professional misconduct. Thereupon, Mr. "X" applied for enrollment as an Advocate, in the State Bar Council of "TP". Is Mr. "X" entitled to do so? Explain with reasons.
Problem Mr. "X" an Advocate, has retained an amount of Rs. 15,000, with him, which is being kept with him by his client, Mr. "Y", in exercise of his `right of lieu`, as his client Mr. "Y" has failed to pay him the agreed fee of Rs. 20,000, in connection with the civil suit.
Problem Examine the legality of the right of lieu exercised by Mr. "X", in this case. As a part of the boycott call given by a District Bar Association, advocates have refrained from conducting the cases before particular court in the district. Are the advocates guilty of contempt of court? Discuss.
Problem Mr. "X" an accused charged with throwing acid on the face of a women, approached a lawyer, Mr. "Y" and requested him to defend his case. Mr. "Y" refused to accept the case. Can Mr. "Y" refuse to do so? Explain with reasons.
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