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Criminal Procedure Code, Juvenile Justice Act and Probation of Offenders Act - April/May 2009 (Regular and Backlog)

Question Type Question  
Long What are the salient features of Cr.P.C?
Long Discuss the Rights of Arrested persons under Cr.P.C.
Long Explain the circumstances in which and persons by whom, a warrant for a search of a place can be issued.
Long Explain the legal consequences that could flow from the non-compliance with the rules of search procedure.
Long Discuss the provisions of Cr.P.C relating to the trial before a court of session.
Long Explain the meaning of bail. What is the significance of classifying offence as bailable and non-bailable? Can bail be granted in case of non-bailable offence?
Long Explain the procedure followed by Criminal Courts in a Summary Trial.
Long Make out a distinction between revision, appeal and review in criminal matters.
Long What are the powers of the court to release certain offenders in probation of good conduct? When can the court require released offenders to pay compensation and costs?
Long Critically examine the treatment and rehabilitation of juveniles under the Juvenile Justice Act.
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